Stainless steel filter unit 330 m3/h - Schneider
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Stainless steel filter unit 330 m3/h


Discrete, adaptable and efficient, the filter group 330 m3/h of the S built-in contemporary range is ideal to keep the air in your kitchen clean.


Air flow 330 m3/h

Carbon filters included

LED lighting

Invisible, efficient and adaptable : opt for the S stainless steel filter unit

Adaptable to your kitchen: the filter unit is a built-in extraction hood and designed to integrate in a kitchen cabinet, a false chimney or a brickwork or any material extraction hood (wood, glass or metal). Efficient: its suction power filters and discharges fats and cooking smells. Discrete: once installed, only the grid and the controls of the S unit remain visible. Finally, it is equipped with LED lighting and thus creates an additional light feature in your kitchen.

Stainless steel filter unit 330 m3/h - Schneider

Groupe filtrant inox 330 m3/h

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