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Induction hob 5 fireplaces

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Fast and economics : the Schneider induction hob facilitate your everyday life.

Induction hob 5 fireplaces

Control by slider and sensor keys

2 flexible fireplaces

Residual heat indicator

With the Schneider induction hob, cook like a 5-star Chef !

The electromagnetic induction technology gives you total safety since the hob cuts off as soon as you remove the pot or pan: there is no risk of getting burned.
Hyper precise, induction allows you to heat up very quickly and drop just as quickly, no more overflowing casseroles and well grilled steaks!
Economical, the Schneider induction hob consumes little electricity and thus allows you to save money.
After a meal, the induction hob is very easy to clean with a wipe of a sponge.
With its flexible area, you can cook for large tables

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