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Classy Bluetooth Headset

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Fitted with the X-Tra Bass technology and circum-aural design: the Classy Bluetooth headset by Schneider is dedicated to the purists.

Classy Bluetooth Headset

Free Bluetooth® connexion

Circum-aural immersif

Système X-Tra Bass

Hands-free kit

Enjoy your music freely with the Black Bluetooth headset by Schneider

Free your motion! With the black Bluetooth headset you are no longer restricted by a cable in your movements. Free your hands with the hands-free kit and the controls integrated in the Bluetooth headset. Enjoy spectacular sound with super-aural technology: its pads cover your ears for an immersive exceptional experience and hours of listening in absolute comfort, all linked to optimal acoustic precision. The listening comfort is even more improved by the X-Tra Bass technology for deep and powerful bass sounds, perfect for listening to all types of music and rich in bass sounds in particular

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