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Bluetooth headset 826

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Portable, folding, comfortable, with good sound quality, the black Bluetooth 826 headset gets in the tempo of your musical taste.

Bluetooth headset 826

Bluetooth® connection without restrictions.

Light and comfortable

Pure Sound Technology

Hands-free kit

Enjoy your music freely with the Bluetooth headset by Schneider

Free your motion! You are no longer restricted by wires with the Black Bluetooth 826 headset. Free your hands with the hands-free kit and the controls integrated in the Bluetooth headset.
Absolutely featherweight - only 150 g! - this portable headset makes your life easier by connecting to your smartphone or tablet with a click of your fingers.
Enjoy good sound with the Bluetooth technology, without impact on the sound quality: the Schneider Pure Sound technology ensures smooth listening for the depth of sound, the reproduction of medium and bass tones and a perfect listening comfort.

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