Tilted wall-mounted extraction hood 90 cm - Schneider

Extractor hood


The Schneider extractor hood is optimal for passionate amateur chefs who want a simplified installation. The recycling hood is fully designed for flats which do not have outside evacuation.


Air flow 594 m3/h

Black matte and black finishing

LED lighting

Both design and classic, this Schneider extractor hood works well in all type of kitchen.

The blend of black glass and matte shapes the elegant finishing of this extraction hood. Ideal to maintain a healthy environment in your kitchen, the S wall-mounted extraction hood extracts, filters and discharges the fat and cooking smells. Its original and stylish lines bring character to your kitchen. Choose beauty, design and modernism with the tilted S decorative extraction hood.

Tilted wall-mounted extraction hood 90 cm - Schneider

Hotte aspirante murale inclinée 90 cm

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