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Refrigerator combined 250 L


Try this ideal combination of an air-flow refrigerator and a ventilated freezer, and banish the annoyance of defrosting for good!


Permanent dehumidification

A large volume with a compact design

LED lightning

Economical, efficient and contemporary: choose the Schneider 250-litre static Refrigerator

"Equipped with automatteic defrosting functions and LED lighting, the static cold Refrigerator is both economical and efficient. Pleasant, LED lighting brings additional comfort into the interior of your Refrigerator . The mattete black finish adds a touch of elegance to your static refrigerated Refrigerator to keep the equivalent of 250 litres of food. It is also equipped with a freezer ."

Black matte
  • Black matte
  • White
  • Grey

A permanent dehumidification

With No Frost technology, improve food preservation and eliminate de-icing chores!

A large volume with a compact design

This 250L volume Refrigerator allows you to store many items in a compact 55 cm wide design!

LED lighting

Energy-efficient, LEDs provide optimal lighting from the inside of your device while controlling your power consumption.

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