TNT adaptor - Schneider
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TNT adaptor


The Schneider TNT adaptor lets you watch TNT on your old TV set and also all the digital formats. You can also record your favourite TV programmes with it.


Digital Tuner


Multimedia USB port

With the Schneider TNT adaptor switch to digital for optimal image and sound quality

Do you have an old TV or computer model? You then need a TNT adaptor. You can thus adapt your former equipment to receive TNT free with a hertzian channel. This TNT decoder is also a real digital tuner because Schneider has enhanced it with a multimedia USB port compatible with many digital formats MPEG4, AVI, MKV, MP4. It is practical and can record the programmes that interest you and shift live broadcasts with the Timeshift function.

TNT adaptor - Schneider

Adaptateur TNT

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