Refrigerator with 2 doors in black matte 208 L - Schneider
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Refrigerator with 2 doors in black matte 208 L


This static cooling 2-door refrigerator from Schneider's contemporary range is aesthetically pleasing and equipped with ultra-practical features.


Great freshness!

Optimized design for volume gain

LED lighting

Economical, efficient and contemporary: choose Schneider's 2-door refrigerator with 208 L today

Equipped with automatic defrosting and LED lighting, the static cold refrigerator is both economical and efficient. LED lighting brings additional comfort to the interior of your refrigerator. The matte black finish adds a touch of elegance to your static cold refrigerator that boast an impressive capacity, storing the equivalent of 208 liters of food. Perfect for small interiors, this compact double-door refrigerator offers ample space for refrigeration.

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