Refrigerator 208L


Schneider recommends this free standing vintage fridge to bring a retro touch to your kitchen while combining technology and design. This shade of burgundy matte blends perfectly with your contemporary interior.


An incomparable silence

A large volume with a compact design

LED lighting

Design, economy and performance: opt for Schneider’s vintage static Refrigerator

Inspired by the 50’s, its harmonious curves and burgundy hue add a retro touch to your decor. Its singular line gives character while maintaining Schneider reliability.

Continuous air circulation

The mixed cold brings a more uniform distribution of cold and a faster return to temperature after opening the door. Thanks to its integrated fan, it optimizes the conduction of cold, regulates the temperature and the degree of humidity and minimizes the formation of frost. Your food will keep longer while storing it as you wish.

LED lighting

Save energy with the A ++ rating of your device. The energy classes are defined according to the energy consumption, the materials and technologies used as well as the type of cooling offered. The more you choose a well-classified refrigerator, the more you save!

Low energy classification: A ++

Energy efficient, LEDs provide optimal lighting of the interior of your device while controlling your electricity consumption. Unlike conventional bulbs, LED bulbs contain neither polluting gas nor mercury and are recyclable! In addition, they do not diffuse heat, thus optimizing the cooling at each opening.
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