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Maestria radio-alarm


Equipped with a large format screen, Bluetooth and a USB charger, the radio-alarm Maestria makes your daily life easier.


Wake up with alarm or radio


Large format LCD Dot matrix screen

Rest your eyes with the large format screen of the Maestria radio-alarm!

Is your style “wake up with continuous beeps” or rather a “soft melody”? With the Schneider Maestria radio-alarm, you can choose from waking up to the alarm or to the radio with the digital PLL FM tuner. Set the time and the radio station without damaging your eyes thanks to the LCD Dot matrix large format screen. The smart Maestria radio-alarm is also equipped with a USB charger so you can charge your smartphone overnight. The Bluetooth option gives you the possibility to listen to your music from a smartphone or a tablet wherever you are.


Radio-réveil Maestria

Radio-réveil Maestria

rotate screen

Rotate your tablet for a better navigation.