Combined refrigerator 315L


This air-flow refrigerator and ventilated freezer makes the perfect combination. Enjoy the luxury of banishing defrosting for good!


Permanent dehumidification

Chef Zone Drawer

LED lighting

Choose a winning trio with this air-flow refrigerator and no frost freezer, all beauitfully packaged in a stylish neo-retro design. It is so fantastically chic!

Using inspiration from the 50s with seductive curves and a matte black finish, Schneider brings plenty of style and character to your interior. Schneider's dynamic cooling technology ensures a consistent temperature and a low humidity level throughout the entire fridge, allowing you to store your food wherever you desire. The fridge returns to optimal temperature rapidly after each time you open and close the doors. With the Frost Free Refrigerated Freezer, you'll experience the gold standard of refrigerators, which drops in temperature very quickly, allowing you to store large volumes of food with ease. The convenient LED ceiling and side lighting allows you to see all your refrigerated products at a glance.

  • Black

A permanent dehumidification

With No Frost technology, improve food preservation and eliminate de-icing chores!

Drawer Chef Zone

Benefit from a vegetable tray with moisture control for optimal conservation of your fruits and vegetables.

LED lighting

Energy-efficient, LEDs provide optimal lighting from the inside of your device while controlling your power consumption.

rotate screen

Rotate your tablet for a better navigation.