Built-in freezer 177 cm ventilated cold A+ - Schneider
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Built-in freezer 177 cm ventilated cold A+


The ventilated cold refrigerator, with humidity level control in the contemporary built-in range by Schneider provides better preservation of food products


Ventilated refrigerator

Electronic control

LED lighting on the ceiling and sides

Technical and well designed: opt for the Schneider air mixed cold refrigerator

The smart Schneider dynamic cold technology mixes the air to create even temperature and humidity in the whole refrigerator: you can store your food where you want. Not to mention quicker return to cold after each door opening. This smart air ventilated refrigerator is equipped with digital temperature setting control and an open door alarm. Do you eat lots of fruit and vegetables? The crisper box of the refrigerator sets the humidity level to extend freshness.

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