Ventilated cold or air-flow: which should you choose?


If you are changing your refrigerator, you may be hesitating between ventilated cold or air-flow. Next to static cold, they are the two other technologies available on the market at this point. So, which one should you choose? Schneider will tell you!

Static cold: the oldest technology
Ventilated cold or air-flow: which one is better?
The Schneider models

Static cold: the oldest technology

Static cold, ventilated cold or air-flow is another way to ask the question!

Namely, the static cold appliances don’t have any ventilation built in. The air thus circulates freely, causing temperature differences inside the refrigerator. Though these types of equipment are less power-consuming and economical, they require certain maintenance with regular defrosting.

Ventilated cold or air-flow: which one is better?

If you rule out static cold, you are left with ventilated cold (NoFrost) and air-flow. To be precise, they allow the air to circulate inside the refrigerator with a fan. With this air circulation, the temperature remains homogeneous inside the entire appliance. Compared to static cold, these technologies allow you to preserve your food longer. Simultaneously, you don’t need to manually defrost your appliance because it is done automatically.

What is the difference between ventilated cold and air-flow?

The difference lies in the injection of cold and dry air inside the refrigerator which is typical to the NoFrost technology. This has the advantage of avoiding the formation of moisture and the proliferation of bacteria in the device. However, the risk is your food getting dry if stored without a box or protective film outside a crisper. Despite this fact, NoFrost remains the most advanced technology to this day.

The Schneider models

If you look at the Schneider models, you will find out that both technologies coexist. More precisely, the catalogue presents ventilated cold as well as air-flow refrigerators. For instance, the SCB300B refrigerator is air-flow while the SCB315VNF model includes the NoFrost technology.

Obviously, the type of cold is not the only parameter to consider when choosing your new refrigerator. If you need help on this subject, feel free to read our “How to buy a refrigerator” guide.

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