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In the light of technological developments, your television experiences are turning into theatre sessions. Television screens are getting bigger and the image keeps improving. Simultaneously, sound bars are becoming excellent solutions to increase your TV’s audio performance.

Why choose TV sound bars over home cinema

TV sound bars’ main competitors are home cinema devices. It is important to know the difference between the two to make the right choice. First, sound bars take up less space than home cinemas. It fits perfectly and avoids having cables hanging around everywhere in your house. They are also easier to set up than home cinemas. You just have to plug the sound bar to your television’s audio output. Finally, their price is lower than home cinemas’.

The Schneider sound bars

If you are looking for a TV sound bar, discover our new fall range of devices. We present six different sound bars.

  • The Modular 2.0 sound bar (SC500SND)
  • The Mini Gaming and TV sound bar (SC300SND)
  • The 2.1 Sound Bar – Wireless subwoofer (SC800SND)
  • The Sound bar 2.1 modular + subwoofer (SC700SND)
  • The Sound bar 2.1 + subwoofer (SC200SNCD)
  • The Sound bar 2.1 + subwoofer (SC100SND)

The Modular 2.0 tv sound barThe Mini Gaming and TV sound barThe 2.1 TV Sound Bar – Wireless subwooferThe TV Sound bar 2.1 modular + subwooferThe TF Sound bar 2.1 + subwooferThe TV Sound bar 2.1 + subwoofer


All of our devices offer impressive sound power with surround effect. In other words, you will be surrounded by sound. As you will see, our sound bars are very practical and take up very little space. If you want to really feel the bass, we recommend one of our sound bars with a subwoofer. Watching your films with this type of sound bar, you will be completely immersed in sound!

Please note that some of our devices can be plugged to computers or include Bluetooth technologies. These sound bars can also be used with smartphones or other Bluetooth equipped devices.

To find out more about our new line, feel free to visit the sound bar section of our website.


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