Time change 2019: how to adapt best?


As you probably know, sleep has a fundamental effect on your well-being throughout the day. And yet, during the time change 2019, which will take place during the night of Saturday 30 March to Sunday 31 March, we will all lose an hour of sleep. On average, it is estimated that the effects will make themselves felt during 8 days after the time change. Here are a few tips to adapt more easily.

Quality awakening

Because of the time change 2019, you will lose an hour of sleep. This means that, for example, if you wake up at 7 am, it will actually feel like 6 am to your body. Of course, you will feel more tired than you usually do. So if you want to start your day right, you need to adopt the right reflexes. You may start by using an alarm-clock to wake up to your favourite songs. If you don’t have one, browse through our online catalogue to find the perfect alarm-clock!

Then, don’t stay in bed! You should quickly let sunlight in and take a deep breath of fresh air. Music and sunlight send signals to your brain and contribute to getting your body up and running.

Progressively adapt

In order to let your body get used to time change 2019, it is best to give it the time it needs. To do so, you should start by progressively going to bed a little earlier one week before time change. By going to bed 15 minutes earlier four days before, your body will be more relaxed and will absorb time change more easily. The difficulties you will experience falling asleep in the first instances are completely normal and it will only take a few days before your sleep is entirely regulated. If you go to bed earlier, you must also proportionally eat earlier to avoid any digestion disorder.

Adopt a sleep ritual

Developing a sleep ritual can turn out very useful in many cases. Repeating certain actions before bed time helps getting your brain in condition to sleep. A sleep ritual can include any actions as long as they are repeated in the same order. You may for example brush your teeth, go to the bathroom, read a few pages and turn the lights off. Just avoid using digital devices.


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