What is the standard size for a refrigerator?


If you are wondering, the standard size of a refrigerator is 60 centimetres wide. Above that, your device enters the “large width” category. Note that this notion of standard size only considers the width. So, a one-door refrigerator and a combination refrigerator both have a so-called standard size.

However, before you make your purchase, the true question is probably “What size of refrigerator should I choose?”. Schneider will answer your question!

Dimensions: an important criterion
Standard refrigerator size: models for three-people households
Large volume refrigerators

Dimensions: an important criterion

Before you make your purchase, you should wonder about the size of your future refrigerator. The dimensions of your next appliance are one of the criteria to consider in order to make the right choice. Of course, your appliance must fit inside your kitchen. Furthermore, the storage capacity must be proportional to the number of people in your household.

For your information, a storing volume of 100 to 150 litres is recommended for a single person. And for each additional person, you should allow for 50 extra litres. For instance, for a 3-people household, you will need a minimum of 250 litres.

Standard refrigerator size: models for three-people households

Do you live alone? Then you may choose a standard-sized refrigerator. And if your kitchen is rather small, you can turn to the refrigerator table top in black matte 112L. Obviously, if your kitchen allows it, you can perfectly choose a combined refrigerator-freezer, such as the SCRC772ABS combined refrigerator. Note that this model is perfect for couples and three-people households since it has a total volume of 250 litres.

Large volume refrigerators

Does your household include more than three people? Then a standard size refrigerator won’t be enough. In this case, you should choose a large volume refrigerator. Schneider has several models in this range. The refrigerator freezer combo French door in black matte finish 536L is one of them. With over 500 litres of volume, it will allow you to store large quantities of food.

Though size is an important criterion, note that it is not the only element to consider. To make the right choice, feel free to read our “How to buy a refrigerator” Schneider guide.

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