Soundbar or home cinema: which one should you choose?


Are you looking for better sound quality than the one your television has to offer? In this case, you may be hesitating between buying a soundbar or a home cinema. Each option has its advantages. To help you make your decision, Schneider presents a comparison of the two solutions.

Home cinema: an immersive system
Soundbar: a good alternative to the home cinema
Soundbar or home cinema: how to choose?

Home cinema: an immersive system

Soundbar or home cinema: the debate is open! First, you must know that a home cinema system offers a beautiful immersive experience. With a subwoofer and several satellite speakers, a home cinema will create a true sound cocoon for you.

However, setting up a home cinema can turn out to be quite difficult, especially in small living rooms. Furthermore, the various elements and cables can pose aesthetic issues. Finally, the price can refrain you as well.

Soundbar: a good alternative to the home cinema

Compared to a home cinema, the soundbar has several advantages. The first one is the much simpler setting up. This equipment just needs to be connected to the television with one cable. Depending on the models, it can be an HDMI cable, a USB cable or an optical output. Once it is plugged, the soundbar is placed next to the television and does change much change the look of your living room.

How about the sound quality? A soundbar offers high quality sound, and some models even create a true surround effect. Furthermore, some soundbars come with subwoofers, allowing you to enjoy impact sound and other rumbles.

As for the price, it works in favour of the soundbar.

Soundbar or home cinema: how to choose?

In order to decide which option to choose, consider the performances they offer, but also the aesthetics, price, and installation ease. You should also consider the characteristics of your room. For instance, if you lack space, you should prefer a soundbar. Finally, think about how you are going to use it: films, video games, music…

If you want to buy a soundbar, Schneider has several models available, such as the SC300SND Mini gaming and TV soundbar, the SC800SND 2.1 Soundbar with a wireless subwoofer or the SC700SND Soundbar 2.1 modular and subwoofer.


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