What is a smart TV ?


A smart TV, also called connected television, is a flat screen television set which can connect to the internet. This type of device offers various services: VOD (Video On Demand), replay, music streaming, access to social networks…

Smart TV: features

A smart TV offers various features, some of them being currently very popular.

For example, many people today are subscribers to Video On Demand services such as Netflix. From now on, you can enjoy your documentaries, films and series on demand on your smart TV, and not just on your tablet, smartphone or computer.

Secondly, the major networks now offer replays for their programmes. You can watch them on your connected television.

In addition, on your connected television, you can watch YouTube videos, access your favourite music streaming app and log in to your social networks’ accounts.

To sum up, you smart TV allows you to access almost all the internet.

Screen Mirroring

Some smart TV also include the screen mirroring technology. For your information, this technology allows you to display pictures from your smartphone or your tablet directly on your television screen. This function is perfect to share your holiday pictures or videos.

Timeshift function

Would you like to pause your programme and resume viewing later? Know that most smart TVs allow you to do so with the Timeshift function. This way, you will never miss the high point of a sports game or a film ever again.

A connected television

Of course, to enjoy all these features, your smart TV must be connected to the internet. In order to do so, you will just have to connect your television to Wi-Fi like you would for a computer or a tablet.

Also, note that a smart TV has other connections that can be HDMI inputs, USB ports, a headphone jack, RJ45 sockets, etc. Depending on your needs, you will have to make sure which connections are available on your future television set.

The Schneider models

You feel like buying a smart TV? Schneider has various models. You can find different screen sizes, from 32-inch televisions to 65-inch televisions. Whichever option you choose, you can enjoy your films and series on VOD, including with Netflix.

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