How to save energy with your refrigerator?


Your refrigerator is a major source of energy consumption. However, some simple gestures can help you save energy with this domestic appliance. For instance, you should make sure you leave the door open for the shortest time possible. Find out the other Schneider tips!

Choose an energy-saving refrigerator
Choose an appliance that matches your needs
A few simple gestures to save energy

Choose an energy-saving refrigerator

In order to control your power consumption, you must first choose your refrigerator well. To be precise, some devices are more energy-consuming than others. Before you buy your appliance, take a look at the energy class, which can go from D (energy-consuming) to A+++ (energy-efficient).

Note that the Schneider models are energy-efficient, such as the combined refrigerator in vintage 249L with an A+ label.

Choose an appliance that matches your needs

Then, with an equal energy class, the larger the refrigerator, the more energy consumption. So, choose an appliance whose size matches your needs. For your information, anticipate 150 litres if you live alone, and then 50 additional litres for each additional person in your household.

A few simple gestures to save energy

Finally, remember these simple tips that will help you lower your refrigerator’s electric consumption.

The place of your appliance

First, place your appliance far from any heat source or window. Furthermore, leave about 10 cm between your refrigerator and the wall. If your appliance sticks to the wall, the heat removal system will be impaired.

Storing food

Then, let your hot dishes cool down before your store them in the refrigerator. It is also advised to remove the useless packages from your food before you store them in the refrigerator. Simultaneously, make sure your appliance is always ¾ full. This will help stabilise the temperature.

Maintaining your appliance

Maintaining your refrigerator will also help you save energy. For instance, accumulated dust on the grid at the back of the fridge can amount to up to 30% overconsumption. That is why you must clean it regularly. It is also recommended to keep the seals clean and change them when they become damaged. And remember to regularly defrost your equipment so as not to let the ice get too thick.

Temperature regulation

Finally, temperature regulation will influence your power consumption. The ideal temperature is 4° or 5°C, not below.

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