Resolution 2019: eat better


The beginning of the New Year is often an opportunity to make new resolutions. Some of us have decided to pay attention to their diet to lose the extra kilos they gained during the holidays. Schneider offers a few tips to help you eat better and keep your resolutions.

Avoid sweet beverages

Sugar is the worst enemy of any diet. However, there is a lot of sugar in sweet beverages. “Sugar-free” sodas very often contain substitutes that are just as unhealthy. In addition, these beverages have a high-calorie content. So you need to have a regular sport activity to consume the excess calories. If you want to lose weight and avoid serious problems such as diabetes, you would better resort to other types of drinks that are sugar-free. Therefore, we recommend green tea for all those who would like to keep on consuming healthy aromatized drinks. This beverage helps you boost your metabolism and facilitates weight loss. You just need to put some water in your kettle and brew about two teaspoons of green tea. Gyokuro and Sencha are the most effective to lose weight. However, you should drink green tea in reasonable quantities, otherwise its positive effects may reverse and damage your health.

Eat better and enjoy

The main risk of any diet is to crack, to eat everything in sight and regain all the kilos lost or even more. That’s the reason why it is important to keep on enjoying yourself from time to time with balanced recipes. The kitchen robot from Schneider helps you make delicious recipes that will not make you feel like throwing yourself on every chocolate bar. You can easily make your pastries by carefully selecting your products. For example, you can make a delicious chocolate cake with a fat free fromage blanc and 90 % dark chocolate. You will thus limit the consumption of fats and sugars and enjoy your food.

Thanks to Schneider, you have all the tools you need to keep your resolutions, eat better and stick to your diet. Do not forget to have a regular sport activity in addition to your diet.

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