How to recycle household appliances?


Is your washing machine, your micro-wave oven or your dishwasher about to break? If you need to change one of your household appliances, know that your old equipment can probably be recycled. As you know, this type of gesture helps protect the environment. Schneider will help you do it!

Recycling household appliances: helping the planet
Which appliances can you recycle?
How can you recycle?

Recycling household appliances: helping the planet

Protecting the environment has become a major challenge to which everyone can contribute. Recycling household appliances is part of this approach.

Rather than throwing away your oven, your refrigerator or any appliance that is about to break, it turns out better to recycle it. If you do so, your equipment will be taken to bits and some pieces can help make new products. Simultaneously, the polluting components will not end up in nature but will be processed appropriately.

Which appliances can you recycle?

Recycling household appliances involves ovens, refrigerators, freezers, dishwashers, micro-wave ovens, coffee-makers, kettles, vacuum cleaners… More generally, you can recycle large appliances as well as small appliances.

Note that audio-visual equipment can also be recycled.

How can you recycle?

Are you changing one of your appliances? There are several recycling options available for your appliance.

If you appliance is still working

If your household appliance still works, you can obviously sell it instead of throwing it away. If you cannot find a buyer, you can give it to charities such as Emmaüs.

If your appliance can be fixed

Some breakdowns can be fixed. However, this situation can make you want to change your appliance. If so, know that you can simply give your appliance to Emmaüs or Envie. These charities will fix your appliance before they sell it or give to families in need.

If your appliance cannot be fixed

Is your appliance definitely dead? According to article R543-180 of the Environmental Code, the store that sold it to you is obligated to take it back. To be precise, this also applies to online stores. Furthermore, the recovery is not subject to any obligation to purchase.

The other option is to drop your appliance at an eco-system pick-up location, which can be in a recycling centre, in a store or at a charity’s.


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