A rack and a bottle-holder: 2 essentials to organise your fridge


If you want to find your food easily and avoid wasting it, you must keep your fridge organised. And some accessories can help you keep your products tidy. Among these, a rack and a bottle-holder are two essentials to organise your fridge.

Keep your various products in the right places

First, know that the temperature is not always homogeneous in a fridge. More specifically, if yours is a no-frost refrigerator, it is the same everywhere inside the fridge. On the other hand, if it is a static refrigeration system, there are four different areas.

The first area is the coldest one and is located in the bottom of the refrigerator. It is recommended to store your raw fish, meat, dairy, cooked dishes and frozen dishes there. Then there is the fresh area (in the middle of the refrigerator), which is perfect for your meat, cooked fish, yoghurts, cheese and cakes. Besides, you can keep your fruits and vegetables in the vegetable compartment. Finally, the warmest area is the door or the fridge. You want to keep your drinks, eggs, butter and sauces there.

To preserve your food, if you have a static cold fridge, you want to arrange your food depending on these areas.

A rack and a bottle-holder: 2 essentials to organise your fridge

To arrange your food, a fridge rack is a must-have. For your information, a rack is a shelf on which you can place all your various products. Some models include fixed racks. On Schneider models, they are removable. This way, you can organise your fridge as you please. Then bottle-holders are especially useful to store your various drinks.

A few extra tips to arrange your refrigerator

To keep your fridge organised, there are other tips. For instance, to avoid exceeding use-by dates, you should sort your products depending on their expiration date. More specifically, ideally, you want to keep the food that will expire first in the front. This way, you will not forget it in the back.

Simultaneously, you should not overload your fridge. First, it is easier to find what you need. But mostly, your products’ shelf life will be longer. Because less products helps avoiding contact contamination and a decrease in cold efficiency.


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