How to use the programmes of my dishwasher?


As you may have noticed, your dishwasher has several programmes and features available. You may be wondering how to use them properly. Schneider will tell you more about it!

Various washing programmes available
The self-timer option
Child safety locking

Various washing programmes available

Schneider has several models available, such as the SDW1444V vintage model, the SCLB442A0X and the SCLB272A0X, with different washing programmes explained in detail below.


Are you dishes especially dirty? Do you have dry food residue in your plates and pans? Then the intensive wash programme is highly recommended.

This 169-minute-long wash cycle includes six phases: pre-wash, 60°C wash, first rinse cycle, second rinse cycle, hot water rinse, and drying. If you choose this programme, make sure you use rinsing liquid and a 3 in 1 or 5/30g detergent.


The *eco programme is recommended for normally dirty everyday dishes. Compared to the intensive or delicate programmes, this one will make you save several litres of water.

For this programme, you will need drying liquid and a 3 in 1 or 5/30g detergent.


If you have fragile and slightly dirty dishes, you can choose the delicate programme. This one requires rinsing liquid and a 3 in 1 or 5/20g detergent.

60 minutes

If you dishes are only slightly dirty and don’t need to be thoroughly dried, you may choose the 60 minutes programme.

For your information, this cycle consists in three phases: three hot rinse cycles and a drying cycle. For this programme, you want to use drying liquid and a 5/20g or 3 in 1 detergent.


Are you in a hurry to get your dishes washed? Then the quick programme is a great option with a 36-minute-long cycle only. However, it is only suitable for slightly dirty dishes.

Note that this programme includes two phases: a 40°C wash and a hot rinse. If you choose this alternative, you will not need rinse liquid, but you will need 15g detergent.


The soak programme is only designed to remove stains and rinse food residue from your dishes. This consists in an 11-minute-long pre-wash. No detergent or rinse liquid are required.

The self-timer option

Are you looking to schedule a time for your dishwasher to start? Then you may use the self-timer option on your appliance. You can schedule the beginning of the cycle from 1 to 24 hours in advance.

Child safety locking

If you have children, it is very important to make sure they are safe. Every time you use your dishwasher, you should activate the child safety locking which blocks the opening of the door during the wash cycle. This will avoid all risks of scald injuries should the door be opened during a cycle.


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