New Year’s Eve dinner: 10 last minute recipes


Are you in charge of New Year’s Eve dinner? Then you are probably looking for ideas to treat your guests or your family. In this context, here are 10 ideas for last minute recipes. They are very easy to make and delicious too.


For the aperitif or even for the first course, you could do verrines. For instance, your guests will love shrimp salad verrines or scallops and beetroot verrines.


Then, you could serve your verrines with toasts. Since it is New Year’s Eve dinner, people will probably expect foie gras. But you can always try something new.


Still for the aperitif, blinis will be perfect. To save time, you can buy them directly from the store and take them out of your refrigerator on D-day. You will only have to heat them up in the oven and spread taramasalata, fresh cheese, tapenade or anything else.

Puff pastry

For your New Year’s Eve dinner, you could then serve puff pastries as a starter course. They are very easy to make, and your guests will love it. Depending on your taste, you could make them with ham, salmon, mushrooms or Boursin cheese. Obviously, there are many options.

Potato salad

To go with that, how about a potato salad? It is a simple starter course, but everyone will love it. To make a potato salad, you only need 35 minutes – 20 minutes to prepare it and 15 minutes to cook it.


When it is cold, everybody like a nice soup. And New Year’s Eve dinner is no exception. With vegetables, mushrooms, squash… You name it!


For the main course, we suggest a turkey and mushrooms roulade with mashed potatoes. And if you want to impress your guests, add truffle to your roulade.


Finally, for dessert, a cake will do. You just have to decide on plain, vanilla or lemon, or anything else, the list is not exhaustive.


Cupcakes are the safest way to make everyone happy. There are various options: vanilla, chocolate, plain, etc.


To finish your meal, you may also make a crumble. It is easy and quick to make and will leave your guests with a sweet British note.


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