A low-fat crepe recipe to try out


February is the best month to enjoy delicious crepes. But if you are watching your calorie intake and your weight, you may want to try this low-fat crepe recipe. It is really easy to make with your Schneider kitchen robot.


First, you must gather a few ingredients. You will need 170 grams of flour, 4 eggs, 50 grams of Maïzena (cornflour), ½ litre of milk, ½ package of instant yeast and 1 tablespoon of oil. If you want your mix to taste better, you may add a sachet of vanilla-flavoured sugar, a tablespoon of rum and a pinch of salt.

For this low-fat crepe recipe, you may use the Schneider kitchen robot for an easy mix.


Start by connecting the beater to your Schneider kitchen robot. In your mixing bowl, pour the flour, yeast, vanilla-flavoured sugar and Maïzena and let your kitchen robot work for one minute using the third speed. Then add the eggs, oil and salt and mix again until it forms a homogenous batter. Then add the milk. Remember to place the splash guard back on the kitchen robot or you will get your kitchen dirty with splashes. Mix using the fifth speed for about 2 minutes. You should now have a nice liquid batter. All you have to do is add the rum for taste. Then we advise you to cover the batter with cling film and let it sit for 1 or 2 hours in the refrigerator.


When you take your batter out from the refrigerator, if you notice that there are lumps, vigorously whisk the batter to make them disappear. You may then grease the crepe pan with a little bit of oil, which will make it easier for you to remove the crepes from the pan later on. Finally, serve the crepes with the toppings of your choice: jam, honey, chocolate, etc.

With this delicious low-fat crepe recipe, you will enjoy a savoury dish while avoiding calorie excesses. Enjoy!

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