How to choose your freezer?


There is a wide range of freezers available on the market. Among the selection of products, it can be difficult to find the model that really matches your needs. This investment is all the more important that is can be quite expansive. Discover the 3 main families of freezers and their respective advantages.

Chest freezers

One of the main criteria to choose your freezer is the size. Chest freezers are horizontal and open on the top. They have several advantages. For starters, they usually have more storing capacity than upright freezers, for example. Furthermore, they offer better isolation. Which is why they use less energy. It also means that the food can remain frozen longer in case of a blackout or breakdown.

This type of freezer is the best one for those of you who have enough space. Ideally, you can set it up in your basement or in your cellar.

Upright freezers

Contrary to chest freezers, upright freezers are vertical. They take up less space. If you live in an apartment or don’t have much space, it is a crucial parameter to choose your freezer. These models are also easier to maintain. You will find it easier to access the food inside. It can fit your kitchen perfectly because it is less bulky. You will find all your food accessible near you when you want to cook. This solution is more practical to use and to maintain.

Combined refrigerator freezers

If you still don’t know which freezer to choose, there is one last solution: the combined refrigerator freezer. These models have many advantages. First, they save up room, like the upright freezer. You can also set it up near you in your kitchen. In addition, they use one motor for both features. This will help you save energy. Schneider combined refrigerator freezers are especially power saving. Feel free to browse the Schneider catalogue, where you can find vintage models, for instance.

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