How to choose your wine cellar?


Are you a good wine connoisseur? In this case, you may be considering acquiring a wine cellar to store your bottles. If so, you must consider several criteria: the type of cellar, its capacity, its energy class, its sound level… Schneider can help you on this subject with this “how to choose your wine cellar” guide.

Why should you acquire a wine cellar?
What type of cellar should you choose?
The other criteria to consider

Why should you acquire a wine cellar?

If you want to preserve your bottles of wine, it is important that you meet certain conditions. First, you must store them laid down so that the cork remains moist. Then, the temperature must be stable. Hygrometry must also be at 70% minimum. Finally, the bottles must be protected from light in order to age properly.

A wine cellar will help you meet all these conditions. Now you need to know how to choose your equipment.

What type of cellar should you choose?

There are various types of wine cellars on the market: wine-ageing cellars, wine storage and service cellars or multi-temperature wine cellars. You must make your decision depending on your purpose.

The wine-ageing cellar

If you are planning to age good bottles, the best option is a wine-ageing cellar. It should be mono-temperature and static cold to prevent corks from drying. In order to keep your bottles in the dark, you need a solid door or a tinted glass door. And ideally, the equipment should not emit vibrations.

The wine storage and service cellar

As you know, wine must be served at the right temperature to reveal all its flavours. To maintain your bottles at the ideal temperature, a wine storage and service cellar will be perfect.

Multi-temperature wine cellars

All wines are not best served at the same temperature. For instance, champagnes are best between 10 and 12°C, while sweet white wines are best served between 7 and 9°C. If you are planning on storing different types of bottles, you may choose a cellar with 2 or 3 different temperature areas.

The other criteria to consider

To purchase your wine cellar, you should also take a look at the energy class, sound level, and of course the storing capacity.

In this light, feel free to browse the Schneider catalogue, which includes the SCCVI45281 and the SCCVI60362 wine cellars.

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