How to choose a microwave?


Are you thinking about buying a new microwave? In this situation, you need to choose from different types of devices. Furthermore, there are several criteria you need to consider, such as capacity, type of tray, power and available features. Find out more now!

Type of microwave
Criteria to consider

Type of microwave

There are three different types of microwaves: classic devices, grills and combination.

For your information, classic devices can heat up a dish according to the power and for the duration you choose. This type of device can also include additional features such as bread defrosting or steam cooking.

As for the grills, such as our SMW25VM microwave, they can brown your cakes, dishes and other preparations with a grill placed on the ceiling of the oven. This grill feature does not replace a real oven.

Finally, there are combination microwaves, which can act as microwave and traditional ovens. In this case, there are heating elements placed on the ceiling and floor to perform the oven function.

Criteria to consider

You want to know how to choose your microwave? After choosing the type of device you need, here are a few criteria to consider.


All microwaves don’t have the same capacity. Depending on the model, the size of the tray can vary from 24 to 40 cm. You want to choose the device that matches your needs.

The type of tray

Some devices offer the possibility to stop the rotation of the tray, thus allowing you to heat up large rectangular dishes.


Heat-up or cooking time is proportional to the power of the microwave. For a classic model, 700 Watts power can be enough. On the other hand, for a grill or combination microwave, 1,000 Watts power is better to enjoy the best use.

The available features

From one model to another, there can be several types of features available. Besides heating up, some microwaves offer defrosting, steam cooking, crusty cooking or electronic programming.

Other parameters

To make your decision, you can also look at the design, colour, and of course of the price, which will have to match your budget.


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