How to choose a dishwasher


There are several variables to consider before you buy a dishwasher: size, noise, features, etc. Among a wide range of possibilities, it can be difficult to decide. If you are wondering how to choose a dishwasher, this guide will help you.


The first element to consider is the available space you have in your kitchen. There are three main sizes for dishwashers (height/width/depth): the traditional size (85/60/60), the small size (85/45/60) and the mini size (45/55/55). Depending on the space you have, you may choose the most suitable dishwasher. Of course, the bigger your dishwasher, the more dishware you can wash at once.

Type of installation

Then, to find out how to choose a dishwasher, you need to consider the type of installation. You can choose a free standing or built-in version. The first one can simply be place freely in your kitchen, as the name suggests. The latter is a little more expansive. It is perfect to match your other kitchen appliances because it can be covered with a customized cabinet facing. Beware, though, because the front may prevent you from having cycle length appear. To counter this, you may choose another type of front that leaves the control panel out.


Today, decibel levels for dishwasher go from 40dB to 53dB. The difference is considerable, because the perceived volume can be divided by 20. In order to figure out how to choose a dishwasher, it can be interesting to consider its noise level. If you want it to be quiet, choose a silent model. This way you can use your dishwasher during the off-peak hours and reduce your energy bill.

Energy category

Before deciding how to choose a dishwasher, its consumption level can also be taken into consideration. To find out its power consumption, you need to take a look at the Energy Label. On this label, you will find the appliance’s energy efficiency class, its brand, reference, yearly power and water consumption based on 280 cycles, its noise level, its maximum number of settings and its drying performance. The energy class gives you a global idea of your device’s environmental impact, A+++ being the best grade and D the lowest. If you want to save energy, you should buy the best classified one.


Another important element in how to choose a dishwasher is the type of features it offers. First, the delayed start feature is a major benefit: you can choose to start your dishwasher at the best possible time, such as during off-peak hours and thus save energy. Furthermore, you should buy a dishwasher with “auto”, “eco”, “intensive”, “pre-soak” and “quick” modes. The first one is great for normally dirty dishes. The eco mode is good to save water but it takes longer. The quick program washes lightly soil dishes, but you usually have to dry it yourself. Finally, the intensive program efficiently washes very dirty dishes, but it consumes more energy.

Rack or basket?

Simultaneously, you need to decide on either a rack or a basket to place your cutlery. The rack saves room to store plates instead of the basket. However, it takes longer to empty. The basket takes up more space, but it is easier to fill.


The average price of a dishwasher is between 250 and 1.200 euros. For a decent dishwasher, you should plan for about 400 euros. Below that price, you will notice that there are fewer features. The most expansive dishwashers are often the most economic ones, but their price can exceed the amount of money saved. To make the best decision on how to choose a dishwasher, you must trust the product sheet before you look at the price. There are very good low-cost dishwashers.


Finally, you can be tempted to choose the product that offers the longest lifespan. However, this element is not the most objective one. It depends on how well you maintain it and how often you use it. You do need to maintain your dishwasher regularly for it to last longer. Regularly clean the filter, clean the limescale to increase your device’s lifespan.

With these elements in mind, you may now discover the Schneider dishwasher line, with practical and beautiful products.


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