How to choose an upright vacuum cleaner


Are you looking to buy a new vacuum cleaner? There are many options. First, you may choose a canister vacuum cleaner, with or without a bag, for a robot vacuum cleaner or an upright vacuum cleaner. This last option is very popular with the French people. If this is what you are looking at, you may wonder “how to choose an upright vacuum cleaner”. Take our advice to make the best decision.

The advantages of an upright vacuum cleaner

Halfway between the broom and the canister vacuum cleaner, the upright vacuum cleaner is perfect for several types of uses. This device will help you get rid of dust, crumbs and hair at home, as well as in your car.

Compared to the broom, the upright vacuum cleaner is way more comfortable to use. You will find it quicker and easier to clean up. It avoids having to bend down to gather the dust like you had to with a brush and a dustpan. Also, this device allows you to work on more surfaces than a simple broom, such as carpets and rugs.

Compared to the canister vacuum cleaner, the upright vacuum cleaner also present obvious advantages, especially in terms of manoeuvrability. For instance, an upright vacuum cleaner can be used from one room to another without having to pull the plug in and out.

Which upright vacuum cleaner to choose: the criteria to consider

If you are thinking about buying an upright vacuum cleaner, you must take some parameters into consideration. First, you must analyse the several purposes of the device. Some are more suitable for certain uses than others. Then, pay attention to the ergonomics, which depend on the weight and built-in characteristics. Furthermore, the suction power and battery life are also important selection criteria. Finally, to choose your upright vacuum cleaner, you can balance all these criteria with the price.

Discover the PowerTime cordless vacuum cleaner

Are you looking for a good upright vacuum cleaner? Schneider presents the PowerTime cordless model. With over an hour of battery life and a 24v lithium battery, it ensures excellent performances. This device is practical, especially since it stands on its own. The PowerTime works on several surfaces: hard floors, rugs and even carpets. And if despite all these arguments you still prefer a canister vacuum cleaner, our Smart Pets compact vacuum cleaner will convince you!

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