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Refrigerators are in all households today. There are many different types with various sizes, options and operating processes. In this context, “How to buy a refrigerator?” is a legitimate question. Discover our guide!

Criteria to consider

To explain how to buy a refrigerator, let’s start by naming the criteria to consider. First, you need to choose the size of the appliance and the storage volume it offers. Then we suggest you take a look at the various features it includes. Simultaneously, you want to pay attention to how the refrigerator works and its energy consumption level. Finally, its design also matters.

How to buy a refrigerator: a matter of size

“How to buy a refrigerator” is first and foremost a matter of size. The first thing you want to do is measure the room you have in your kitchen or wherever you intend to place your appliance. If you have a large room, you may choose a large French doors refrigerator. On the other hand, if you have limited space, a single door refrigerator-freezer may be your only option. Either way, make sure you measure the space you have available at home.

You should also consider the volume you need to store your food products. What you want to do is consider how many people live in your house to make the right choice. For example, a 100 l (3.8 cu. ft.) could be enough for just one person. For a couple, we recommend a 200-300 l (7-11 cu. ft.) refrigerator. And for a couple with children, your storage capacity must be bigger.

The right volume also depends on your eating habits. How often do you your grocery? Do you eat out a lot? Do you usually consume fresh or frozen products? All of these parameters will determine your storage needs.

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Cold technologies

To figure out how to buy a refrigerator, you must then consider the various technologies on the market. There are three types of cold technologies: static, ventilated (or No Frost) and fan-assisted (or dynamic).

Static cold refrigerators

Static is the most ancient type of refrigeration technology. Those refrigerators do not include any ventilation system. The air circulates freely. As a result, the refrigerator’s temperature will not be the same in every area inside it. Since cold air is heavier, the lower part of the refrigerator will be cooler than the higher parts. Regarding their maintenance, refrigerators using this technology need to be defrosted regularly. On the other hand, these refrigerators are less electricity-consuming and more silent. They are the cheapest ones on the market.

The ventilated or No Frost refrigerators

Contrary to static cold refrigerators, No Frost devices include a ventilator. This is what allows the air to circulate better and keep an even temperature inside the entire refrigerator. This technology also pushes cold and dry air into the refrigerator. The purpose is to cool products quicker and avoid the formation of moisture, which helps keep food three times longer than with a static cold technology. The other advantage is maintenance – No Frost devices need no defrosting. Furthermore, this system prevents bacterial growth.

On the other hand, these types of refrigerators are likely to dry some of your food products. To avoid this, we advise you to keep them in boxes. Another solution is to choose a No Frost refrigerator with a crisper. This fresh compartment keeps an optimal moisture level to maintain fruits, vegetables and other delicate products. These refrigerators are slightly noisy when the motor is triggered. For your information, this occurs when the inside temperature goes up. As for prices, these devices are the most expensive ones.

Fan-assisted or dynamic cold technology refrigerators

Finally, there are fan-assisted technologies that can be the right compromise between static cold and No Frost technology, especially in terms of price. With a fan-assisted cold technology, all the areas of the refrigerator are kept evenly cold. The air circulates with the help of a ventilator placed on the back side of the device. This way, you can keep your food products twice to three times longer than in a static cold refrigerator.

Contrary to the No Frost technology, food products do not go dry. However, odors may mix. That is why you must protect your food products before you store them in the refrigerator. Then, as with the No Frost technology, these refrigerators make a slight noise when the motor is triggered, when the inside temperature rises.

As for maintenance, fan-assisted refrigerators require no defrosting. However, note that manufacturers often mix up technologies on refrigerator-freezer combos. You will usually find a dynamic cold refrigerator with a static cold freezer. In that case, you still have to defrost your freezer on a regular basis.

Available features

In order to buy the right refrigerator, you must consider the various features available. There can be massive differences from one device to another. As for temperature management, there are four main features: the crisper, the supercool function, the outside digital thermostat and adjustable temperature areas. There are also many features to make the refrigerator easier to use. Let us name automatic defrosting, antibacterial treatments, double doors, inside LED-lighting, vacation mode. This is a non-exhaustive list. However, make sure you know all the features available before you make your decision.

The question of design

Finally, “how to buy a refrigerator” is also a question of design. Besides maintaining your food products, you probably want your refrigerator to fit in with your kitchen decoration. Make sure you choose the right color and design.

In the light of this guide on how to buy your refrigerator, feel free to discover our range of devices. Whatever your need is, you will find the right refrigerator.

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