Some gift ideas for your parents


They are on the agenda every year in June: the traditional Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, celebrated in France and elsewhere. Are you looking for gift ideas for your parents? One idea is to get one gift for the both of them. Here are some suggestions!

A wine cellar
A designer refrigerator
A television

A wine cellar

It is a classic, to store their wine bottles in a cool place. Wine cellars have been pretty popular these past few years, as a replacement for the traditional basement. It is perfect for people who live in an apartment or in a single-storey house. Schneider has several wine cellar references available.

The catalogue includes an eight-bottles wine cellar. It is very compact and provides eight horizontal compartments, perfect for small kitchens. The temperature control is very easy to use with a screen on the front of the appliance.

Then there is the intermediary 55 litres model. With two independent temperature zones, it can hold more bottles and will fit perfectly into your kitchen with its ergonomics and design.

Finally, there is the larger 135 litres model which can hold 46 bottles.

A designer refrigerator

Another gift idea for your parents is a refrigerator. Do your parents think that it is time to change their old one after years of good use? Schneider has several references available.

There are for example the SCMD542NFGL and the SCUS550NFGL, respectively 542 and 550 litres. For your information, the Schneider models include the latest technologies to keep the temperature homogenous throughout the entire appliance while ensuring moderate power consumption.

A television

A third gift idea for your parents is a television. Do your parents need a new television for their living room or bedroom? The Schneider catalogue presents all sizes, one for each room.

For instance, you may choose the LED24-SCP090HWDVD, with a LED technology, 24 inches and a built-in DVD player. This model is perfect to enjoy great cinema experiences in the bedroom. For the living room, you might want to choose a bigger model, such as de LED65-SC1500K smart television.

For your information, if you are looking to make individual presents, you can find inspiration from Schneider’s last year’s suggestions for Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. These ideas are still valid.


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