Easy low fat recipe: the tomato and tuna flan


At the beginning of this year and in order to return to a healthy diet after the holidays, Schneider offers you an easy low fat recipe: a tomato and tuna flan. You only need a few cheap ingredients to enjoy a nice meal without neglecting your health. It takes about one hour to make, including 45 minutes cooking time.


First; you need to collect all the necessary ingredients and utensils. For the latter, nothing very original since you only need a salad bowl, an oven dish and, of course, an oven.

Then, as for ingredients, tomatoes and tuna are the basis of your flan. So you need 2 tomatoes and about 300g albacore tuna. Then you need 2 eggs and low fat crème fraiche to give consistency to your flan. Finally, do not forget pepper, salt, a little paprika and a dash of olive oil to season this easy low fat recipe.

To customize your recipe, you can also add other ingredients such as capers or mozzarella. An extra egg will improve the consistency of your dish and additional herbs or spices will add more flavour.


Nothing easier than the preparation! First, put the tomatoes in boiling water so that you can peel them later. Then, cut the peeled tomatoes into small pieces and carefully remove the juice. The next step is to crumble the tuna in a suitable oven dish and add the diced tomatoes. Now, in a separate dish, mix the eggs, crème fraiche, olive oil, paprika and the rest of the condiments of your choice. You can then incorporate the mixture into your initial preparation and do not forget to mix the ingredients thoroughly. Your preparation is finished!


To finish your easy low fat recipe, all you have to do is to put your dish in the oven. Allow 45 minutes at 180°C/thermostat 6. You can then serve this starter, cold or hot, to your guests for a delicious meal.

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