Which Bluetooth headset is best for sports?


A workout Bluetooth headset is a good partner if you like sport and will allow you to listen to your favourite music without disturbing people around you. Wherever you are, you can find motivation in your workout session. The wireless Bluetooth system will also provide you with unrivalled freedom of movement. Schneider will help you choose your audio equipment.

Wireless headset for workout sessions: selection criteria
Sport Bluetooth headset: the Schneider products

Wireless headset for workout sessions: selection criteria

You are probably going to use your Bluetooth headset for your workout sessions. The sound quality and outside noise reduction are crucial elements to consider.

There are other, more practical, criteria to consider, such as comfort or design. For workout, the weight, size and possibility to fold the device are important, as well as support, which must be optimal. Battery life, available features and control keys ergonomics should also be taken into account.

Sport Bluetooth headset: the Schneider products

Designed to offer excellent sound performance, there are several Schneider Bluetooth headset models available. Discover the ones that are specifically meant for workout.

BT 1070 Bluetooth headset

Ideal for all types of music, this Bluetooth headset will make bass-lovers happy with its X-Tra Bass technology. The immersive Circum-aural increases acoustic precision with cushioning pads. It includes a hands-free kit and a microphone.

Noise cancelling silent Bluetooth headset

Appreciated for its noise reduction system that cancels outside sounds, this model is also popular for its easy to use hands-free kit and its 20 hours of battery life.

826 Bluetooth headset

Ideal for people who are moving, the 826 Bluetooth headset is light, robust, and above all foldable. The Pure Sound technology renders a deep quality sound with good medium and deep sounds balance. The hands-free kit is included as well as a 3.5 mm jack if needed.

Foldable Pure Headset

The Foldable Pure Headset is especially robust and can be transported anywhere, with an elegant design. It is the perfect equipment for running or other sports.

Micro black Lifestyle headset

This vintage headset has the advantage of including a very discreet microphone that allows you to take calls. Simultaneously, it offers great sound quality.

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