Make your daily life easier with batch cooking


Batch cooking can truly change your life! You probably have busy weeks during which you have trouble finding the time to cook nice homemade dinners. And because of that, you may be rushing to restaurants or even fast food. Or maybe you prefer convenience food. Instead, you could turn to batch cooking: cooking all your meals for the week to come in one day. Here is how…

What is batch cooking?

Batch cooking consists in preparing all your meals for an entire week in one day. You should schedule about 4 hours on a Saturday or a Sunday, for instance. Of course, it is not about cooking one dish in large quantity for the entire week. On the contrary, the idea is to diversify your meals depending on what you want. Once your dishes are ready, you just have to store them in your refrigerator and then heat them up when you need to.

Several advantages

Batch cooking is a growing trend, and there is a reason for that! It makes your daily life easier, and much more.

Less busy weeks

The purpose of batch cooking is to have less busy weeks. Furthermore, by cooking all your dishes at once, you will save precious time. You can actually cook several dishes simultaneously, which will reduce the time you have to spend at your stove. And to be even quicker, you can turn batch cooking into a family activity. Cooking with your partner or your children can be really fun!

Waste reduction and savings

By cooking for the entire week at once, you will logically need to decide everything you will have to prepare. Once you have, you will make a list of the ingredients you need, the ones you need to buy. In this context, you will buy the right amount of ingredients, which will reduce the risk of wasting food. Less waste equals savings.

Healthy and balanced meals

For lack of time, it is easy to let yourself be tempted by fast food or convenience food. But, without going into detail, know that it is not ideal for your health. With batch cooking on the other hand, you can cook healthy and balanced dishes.

Do you want to try?

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