Sound bar 2.1 modular + subwoofer - Schneider
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Sound bar 2.1 modular + subwoofer


Equip your TV set with a high quality audio sound with the 2.1 modular sound bar: a convenient and stylish solution.


Revolutionary design



Opt for the revolutionary design of the 2.1 modular sound bar and the subwoofer by Schneider.

Adopt the modular design of the 2.1 sound bar, the best alternative to home cinema (efficient but invasive), as its installation is ultra simple (it only requires one HDMI wire). Ideal for small spaces, it enables you to improve the sound of your TV by giving it more amplitude. By reflecting the sound from the TV, you obtain a real surround effect. And to make it even more sensational the 2.1 bar is equipped with a subwoofer - or sub-woofer - that demultiplies the volume of sound impacts and other rumbling. Here’s to immersive cinema nights! And for your music nights the sound bar is equipped with the Bluetooth functionality to diffuse your music from all your devices.

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