Induction hob Domino - Schneider

Induction hob Domino


Quick, energy saving and safe: the S built-in induction hob Domino makes your daily life easier.


Touch key control

Compact format

2 induction hotpoints

With the S induction hob you choose for safety and efficiency.

Electromagnetic induction technology ensures total safety as the hotplate switches off once you remove the pot or pan: no more burning risks. Hyper precise, induction quickly increases and lowers temperature just as fast, no more overspilling pots and hello well grilled steaks! Energy saving, the S induction hob saves you 30 to 60% on your electricity bill! After the meal, the induction hob can easily be cleaned with a sponge. With its 30 cm width, this induction Domino is perfect for small kitchens.

Induction hob Domino - Schneider

Table de cuisson à induction Domino

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