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Dishwasher 14 place settings


Schneider recommends this mattet black dishwasher to end the chore of dishes, an ideal size for a couple with children.


Economical, quiet and design go for the vintage 14-piece dishwasher by Schneider

The free-standing dishwasher from Schneider is energy- and water-efficient and offers excellent washing quality. Its accounting design allows you to install it wherever you want it discreetly.

Many programs

Thanks to the 6 different programs of this Dishwasher, no longer be afraid to wash your dishes, even the most fragile.

Delayed departure

The delayed departure allows you to schedule a departure up to 24 hours in advance and thus benefit from “off-peak” rates or to schedule a wash. Manage your time the way you want without worrying about your dishes.

Large load capacity

With a loading capacity of 14 place settings and the presence of a dedicated drawer, you can count on an optimal cleaning result. To make your life easier, arrange all your kitchen utensils in this dishwasher: no lack of space!

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Dishwasher with 14 stainless steel place settings
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